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          Xi'an Hongyuan Rectification Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Xi'an high tech Industrial Development Zone, new industrial park, formerly known as mechanical department of Xi'an power electronics technology research the rectification equipment factory, created in 1986 is Xi'an City, the first batch of high-tech enterprise certification of enterprises, and passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.

    All intermediate frequency induction heating equipment are the use of DSP full digital control, the unit output power of up to 5000 kW, composed of output power of more than 30, 000 kilowatts unit, with electricity, heating and melting speed characteristics. Equipment has when fault happens to any set of the intermediate frequency power supply device and other unit can still emergency function, to avoid the accidents in the furnace burden solidification. This function is particularly important in large capacity smelting equipment. .

    Billet continuous casting and rolling is an important project of current energy saving, has aroused the attention in the steel industry. Company R & D if billet heating system has the full process automatic control, the total power is small, covers an area of small, unattended, features that control the heating length and unit power consumption is very small.

    At present, the products have been successfully applied in Shougang Group, Panzhihua Iron and steel, Laiwu Steel, AVIC Xi'an Aero Engine (Group) Ltd, Nanning Railway Bureau of Guilin accessories factory, Fujian Sanshan steels, Wuzhou Yongda steel mills and large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, and exported in large quantities, the technological level in the domestic leading position, can completely replace the imported equipment, to high price, welcomed by the majority of users.

    We are committed to providing high quality, low energy consumption products and first-class service.

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