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    Li Keqiang: but the excess steel production is not out of the ball pen

    2016-01-15 | Editor:admin | Views:1007 | Sources:本站编辑发布

    The first working day of 2016, Premier Li Keqiang spent in Shanxi, the key is to deploy to capacity".

    Held two weeks ago, the central economic work conference, "capacity" is listed as 2016 five the first task of structural reform. On the afternoon of January 4, Premier Li Keqiang, will in Taiyuan chaired a coal and steel industry dissolve excess capacity to achieve the turnaround Development Forum will. The discussion will line-up can be described as "rare": Ma Kai, vice premiers, State Councilors, Yang Jing, and development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of industry, Ministry of land and resources, the Ministry of human resources and social, live Jianbu, the SASAC, the Administration of work safety, Energy Bureau, the State Administration of Taxation, the General Administration of customs, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the central bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other 15 ministries responsible person in person at the meeting, Shanxi, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Shandong four capacity surplus provinces responsible person, the 24 steel, coal industry leading enterprises responsible for everyone present at the meeting.

    Li Keqiang pointed out that resolve the excess capacity, in the spirit of "ton output capacity", with the deepening of the reform, corporate restructuring, optimizing and upgrading of combining. "We must firmly adhere to the reform ideas, play two central and local initiative, play the main spirit of enterprise, we should pay more attention to the use of market-oriented measures to resolve the overcapacity."

    Not to expand domestic demand through strong stimulus investment

    Two the current industry overcapacity is the most prominent, a steel, a coal. "Chinese once with steel as the key link, a steel industry. In the energy system is more than 70% of coal. Many steel mills, coal mine of older workers, over the years for the country's industrialization and modernization achievements have made great contributions, is not a small price to pay, should be fully affirmed." Li Keqiang said, "but the contradiction between the current world economic situation is complicated, the domestic long-term superimposition is increasingly prominent, the environment index is increasing, these changes require that we must be determined to resolve the overcapacity."

    Prime minister said that the current iron and steel, production capacity of the coal industry is serious and superfluous, and not simply as the "industry cycle" problem must enhance the sense of urgency, based on the overall situation of the overall consideration, to "hard" measures to resolve the excess capacity.

    "We will not through 'strong stimulus',' flooding 'investment to expand domestic demand, and to continue to vigorously promote decentralization, promoting' public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples' and 'Internet +', as far as possible to cultivate new energy, the development of new industry." He said, "this created a large number of jobs, but also to create conditions to resolve overcapacity."

    To resolve the excess capacity to give full play to the market Daobi mechanism

    Hebei Province responsible person in the report introduces the local capacity to "report card": during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, Hebei Province accumulated shutting down to dismantle furnace 87 seat, converter and electric furnace 94, cumulative Yajian ironmaking capacity 3391 million tons, 4106 million tons of steel production capacity.

    Why this year in the Department of "internal nationwide to capacity? Li Keqiang said: "we want to let the market play a decisive role, let the enterprises play a positive sense of self competition, self elimination. At the same time, also must first fully cultivate new energy economic development."

    Hebei Iron and steel group responsible person in his speech said, facing the dilemma of falling steel prices, they plan to create new jobs and other ways to self improve labor productivity, make up deficits and increase surpluses. Li Keqiang expressed certainty. He stressed that to resolve the overcapacity forced to give full play to the market mechanism, can be resolved by way of the market, it is necessary to solve the market approach.

    Of course, the government should do their own work." The prime minister said, "on the one hand is from global to promote the deployment, and resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, a part of digest excess capacity; on the other hand to co-ordinate to solve the funding, staffing and debt management, etc., to help enterprises achieve turnaround zengying, take the development of the new road in the structural adjustment and promote the smooth operation of the economy."

    Three tasks: control increment, decrement, active stock optimization

    How to resolve the overcapacity? Li Keqiang put forward three tasks: to strictly control the increment, decrement, active stock optimization.

    To resolve the overcapacity, first not new production, especially in technical transformation of the name of the expansion of production capacity!" The prime minister said, "to further intensify, careful argumentation and reasonably determine the next three years, iron and steel, coal industry overcapacity resolve target. According to the market demand, set the national total coal and steel "ceiling". In principle, to stop approving new coal mine, new capacity of technological transformation and production capacity of coal mine increasing nuclear project."

    He ordered the relevant departments to monitor the use of remote sensing satellite data, thorough investigation of capacity expansion around the situation. "The country since 2013 has stopped filing of new capacity in iron and steel projects, we must strengthen the supervision and implementation of strict accountability!"

    For the existing production capacity, Li Keqiang requirements, to implement the "reduction replacement" on environmental protection, energy consumption, safety production is not up to the standard and the production of substandard or out of class of steel production capacity, according to the law and orderly shut down exit. In this process, to deal with a number of zombie companies and losses hopeless enterprise losses.

    In resolving overcapacity at the same time, it is necessary to optimize the production capacity of the stock. "Last year, we are in serious excess steel production situation, still imported high quality steel special category." Li said, "we don't have the ability of production of die steel, including 'bead' ball point pen head, at present, still need to import. This will need to adjust the structure."

    He stressed that enterprises should in excess capacity to resolve the process of the cut down the "quantity" and "quality" put up the, promote the upgrading of enterprise products, accelerate to high-end, intelligent and green aspects of converting transition.


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